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Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning

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Protecting what's yours after you're gone

Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning

Do you want your family to be left with a large inheritance tax bill?

Inheritance tax is not just for the wealthy. Substantial rises in property values and increases in personal holdings mean that many more people are directly affected by Inheritance Tax.

The impact of inheritance tax on even the most modest of estates can be severe. Inheritance tax is the tax levied by the Government on your estate when you die; a charge of 40% is made on the net worth of everything above the designated threshold, which is known as the Nil Rate Band (NRB), subject to certain exemptions. 

It is levied upon everything you own, from all properties, cash savings and investments, personal effects and the value of life assurance policies.

The Nil Rate Band is currently £325,000.

Effective Planning

Without effective inheritance tax planning, you could be leaving your family with a very large tax bill when you die.

Typical approaches to reducing Inheritance tax liabilities include:

  • The efficient use of Trusts
  • Ensuring assets are individually owned by family members up to the NRB threshold
  • Putting a suitable Will in place
  • Making full use of all Allowances and Exemptions
  • The giving of Assets as gifts (often called Gifted Assets
  • The use of IHT efficient investments
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