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What do Energy Performance Certificates mean for you?

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epcc.jpgMost people reading this will by now be aware that in order to sell their house they will need to produce a Home Information Pack and that included in such a pack is an Energy Performance Certificate. 

What does surprise people is to find out that since 01 October 2008 any private Landlord who is marketing a property to new tenants must also provide an Energy Performance Certificate.

For Landlords who are still grappling with the Tenancy Deposit Requirements this is probably another expensive inconvenience.   However, as with the Deposit Requirements, there are penalties for failing to comply with the regulations so it is important that Landlords make sure that they do abide by the new rules.  Most notably, if a private Landlord was to rent out his property to a new tenant without first showing the Certificate then they are liable to a £200 fine. 

The official line is that a Property with a “good energy rating” is likely to be more attractive to a prospective tenant.  This may seem to be a little optimistic at first, no doubt most tenants tend to look initially at the more obvious attractions such a location and rent.  However tenants responsible for paying bills may well be concerned with the energy efficiency of a property, not least because their bills can be significantly reduced.

One piece of good news for Landlords is that once you have bought your Energy Performance Certificate (they tend to cost about £100) it will remain valid for 10 years so there is no need to obtain a new one every time you are looking for a new tenant.

If you would like to know more about the requirements then email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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