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Court Shows No Sympathy for Whiplash Claim Fraudster

Published: 09 October 2013, in categories: Personal Injury Updates | Legal Updates | News and Updates

Whiplash claims have a very chequered history, with a significant proportion thought to be fraudulent. Most, however, are made as a result of an accident.

A recent criminal case dealt with a whiplash claim made by a person who maintained that he was a passenger in a car that was involved in an accident. A payment of £33,000 was made, but a subsequent investigation showed that the crash had never happened.

The result for the claimant was a conviction for fraud and a prison sentence of 15 months – a term that was upheld by the Court of Appeal.

Our Thoughts...

This is a further example of the insurance industry clamping down on whiplash claims and taking fraudulent claims seriously. Many more cases are expected and indeed are not just limited to whiplash claims. More recently a Claimant and her husband were found guilty of contempt of Court for knee injuries Claimant had suffered after tripping over an uneven paving slab. She claimed £750,000 but undercover survelliance revealed that she grossly exaggerated the effect of her injuries. Judge valued her claim at no more than £1,500 and an action of contempt of Court.

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