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Problems with your Park Home?

Monday, 09 December 2013, Categories Latest News | VP News | Residential Property Updates

Problems with your Park Home?

Are you having any problems with your park owner?
Are they breaching leasing conditions?

There are a number of factors which may lead to disputes with your site owner, they include:

  • If your site owner has not given valid notice to vacate your premises
  • Dispute about pitch fees
  • Are you being harassed by your site owner

What next?

If you have any problems at all your first place to look would be in the written agreement with the park or site owner which would set out your minimum legal rights and obligations.

If you ever need to complain about the conditions in your park then you should talk to your park owner first but if this does not resolve the issue in a satisfactory manner, then you should contact your local Council or Veitch Penny Solicitors.

Your site owner is responsible for keeping common areas for instance shared paths and shared roads in good condition. They must also repair the area where your home sits and they maintain any services that they supply to your home or pitch for instance water or sewerage.

What you can do

You may wish to consider setting up a residents association to represent home owners in the mobile park home where you live. Qualifying resident associations have certain rights and should be consulted when park owners want to spend money on improvements. Your association must include at least half of the home owners in your park so there must be a common agreement. In addition residents who rent their homes cannot join. To consider setting up a qualifying residents association you have to elect a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer and this is where Veitch Penny can help you.

How we can help

Veitch Penny are able to help you with the complex issues including planning, contracts and buying and selling of your mobile home. We can help you whether you just want advice on the purchase of your park home or want to know where you stand with your site owner or the local authority then we are here to help you.

We are experienced and frequently review and draft documents for clients such as terms and conditions of sale and letters for you to write to your site owner.

For an initial FREE confidential consultation, simply call us on 01392 344800 or use the contact us page.  

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