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Help to Buy Scheme

Government brings forward the Help to Buy scheme, which is great news for first time buyers or those looking to take a step up on the property ladder. 

First Time Buyers

We know buying a house can be an overwhelming experience, particularly when it is your first home. Our friendly and approachable staff will guide you though the process from start to finish keeping it as stress-free as possible.

We want you to spend less time worrying about the legal process of buying a house and more time thinking about the exciting aspects of your first home.

Buy to Let

Looking for an investment?

With property prices quite low at the moment many people feel that buying a property for investment purposes will provide a regular income and the possibility of seeing their investment grow in value as well.  This can seem attractive compared with many other investments at the moment.

Speed up your moving plans with our Exchange Ready Service


If you are selling a property we can help in speed up the process by offering our 'Exchange Ready' Service even before you have found a buyer!

Selling Your Property

Residential Sales

The process of selling a property can appear a complicated process but with years of experience of helping both buyers and sellers we can do much to make the process more straightforward.

Joint Ownership

English law recognises two ways in which two or more people can own and hold property jointly.  These are known as "joint tenancy" or "tenancy in common".  There are important differences between these two concepts, and all joint owners must decide which of the two alternatives is appropriate to them.

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Veitch Penny Feedback & Reviews

Veitch Penny Feedback & Reviews

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