Wills and Probate
We don't like to think about our death but planning ahead will ensure that your wishes are made clear and that your loved ones will be well cared for in the future.

Make your wishes known

Making a Will ensures that your wishes will be carried out after your death. Nobody wants to plan for their death but if you haven’t properly documented your wishes in a Will then the government will decide what happens to your possessions and your money.

Having a Will ensures that your possessions will be passed on as you want them to be. A properly prepared Will is also less open to challenge with a lower risk of your wishes being ignored.

Making a Will is a simple process. Our experienced team will make sure that your wishes are accurately recorded and appropriate to your circumstances. We can even help you to set up trusts to protect assets for the future and advise on inheritance tax planning.

We will store your Will and act as executor at no extra charge.

We recommend that you update your Will every five years and/or upon an important life event, such as having children or a divorce.

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Avoid leaving your family with a large inheritance tax bill

Inheritance tax is not just for the wealthy. Substantial rises in property values and increases in personal holdings mean that many more people are directly affected by Inheritance Tax.

The impact of inheritance tax on even the most modest of estates can be severe. Inheritance tax is the tax levied by the Government on your estate when you die; a charge of 40% is made on the net worth of everything above the designated threshold.

It is levied upon everything you own, from all properties, cash savings and investments, personal effects and the value of life assurance policies.

Effective Planning

Without effective inheritance tax planning, you could be leaving your family with a very large tax bill when you die.

Typical approaches to reducing Inheritance tax (IHT) liabilities include:

  • The efficient use of Trusts;
  • Ensuring assets are individually owned by family members up to the NRB threshold;
  • Putting a suitable Will in place;
  • Making full use of all Allowances and Exemptions;
  • The giving of Assets as gifts (often called Gifted Assets);
  • The use of IHT efficient investments.

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Probate Administration

Probate is the term used to describe the process of administering someone’s estate when they die.

When someone dies owning significant assets, a formal 'grant' must be obtained from a court to enable their estate to be collected in and divided between their beneficiaries. Probate is the process of obtaining the grant.

We are experienced in dealing with probate and can help you to wrap up your loved one’s affairs as quickly as possible. We can prepare the necessary accounts and application and will guide you through the process.

We’ll deal with your affairs in a sympathetic and efficient manner to minimise further stress whilst you’re coping with bereavement.

If you’d like to speak to someone about managing probate please give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise you in a free initial consultation.

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Make your wishes known

A living will is a formal document which sets out your wishes in advance of what kind of medical treatment you would like and what medical care you would refuse should you be unable to communicate those wishes at the time.

Living wills can be tailored to specific medical treatments which you may or may not wish to have, for example, artificial breathing or feeding. They are however, limited to only your medical treatment – it does not deal with your property or funeral requests, which are dealt with by way of a Will.

Living Wills are commonly made by people with a terminal illness, but can be made by any adult at any stage of life, provided that they have mental capacity at the time the document is signed.

You are able to set up a living Will regardless of whether you are in long-term care or living independently and it gives you the ability to appoint a relative or friend who can make vital decisions regarding your treatment should the need arise.

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