Our History

Crediton Office

Our Crediton office has been the home to a legal practice since the late 1800’s when the business was headed up by Mr Dryden. The business acquired a new partner in the 1920s Mr Veitch and the practice was later transferred to Mr Veitch in 1931 and the first half of our name was created. In 1950 Mr Penny joined the business and there has been a Penny in the practice ever since. At our office in Crediton Mr Veitch’s old interview room has been restored to its original glory as an interview, meeting and conference room.

Pictured: Veitch Penny Office at Market Street Crediton (Now and Then)

Exeter Office

Our Exeter office originally founded as a high street practice, Veitch Penny moved from its Crediton roots in the 1970s to establish an additional new office in Exeter. Veitch Penny moved into its current location in the heart of the city over 25 years ago and established the purpose-built office as their head office.

Pictured: 1. Mr Dryden 2. Mr Veitch 3. Mr Dryden’s office as used today